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Help Us Welcome Matthew Garrard

Matthew Garrard joined our team in September 2018 as an Associate. Garrard has been in the commercial real estate industry for 12 years and is a certified property manager with the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM). He has a bachelor’s degree in finance and economics from the University of Alabama and a master’s degree in business administration specializing in real estate finance from Florida State University.

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Matthew Garrard



MCR Moves in 2017 with a New Partner and a New Website

MCR Moves in 2017 with a New Partner and a New Website

We are excited to formally announce a recent partnership formed between Jeremy Milling, CCIM, and Brent Cumbest, CCIM. This relationship combines the resources and expertise of both partners and reflects their mutual dedication to providing high-quality, client-centered service. 

With more than 35 years of commercial real estate experience, Brent comes to MCR from Cumbest Properties, where he was the owner and operator for 22 years. During that time, he provided commercial brokerage, management and consulting services for clients and developed more than 25 projects, large and small, along the Gulf Coast. Brent joins Jeremy, who founded MCR in 2012 as a full service commercial real estate firm serving the Gulf Coast specializing in office, industrial and downtown redevelopment projects.

Over the years, Jeremy and Brent noticed that their separate firms had a common goal of providing efficient, responsive, and cost-effective service to their clients. This, combined with a shared dedication to integrity and professionalism, became an excellent foundation for a partnership. The merger will provide a great benefit to the new MCR’s clients, and we are confident in the future success of our boutique commercial real estate firm.  

We cannot wait to use our shared skills and expertise as we continue to put you and your business first. To learn more about the services we offer, and to search a database of commercial facilities and properties available for sale or lease on the Gulf Coast, visit our newly-launched website at MCRcommerical.com.



The Ongoing Transformation of Mobile's Downtown

The Ongoing Transformation of Mobile's Downtown

It has been amazing for me to witness the transformation of Mobile's downtown over the past 20 years. When I entered the commercial real estate industry in 1998, I went to work for a small developer who specialized in downtown historic redevelopment projects. I felt like this was a good fit for me because of my passion for historic commercial structures and my strongly-held belief that, for any city to be truly strong, you had to have a healthy and vibrant urban core.

Unfortunately, I was too early. In the late 1990's, downtown Mobile was still suffering from the flight experienced in the 1970's and 1980’s. The majority of businesses downtown were government related or part of the legal community, neither of which generated much activity. I was successful in becoming known as the downtown expert, however, there wasn't enough activity to sustain that expertise! I quickly learned why I didn't have a lot of competition for that position. It was hard to make a living concentrating primarily on downtown business and I was starving! To survive, I had to expand my area of concentration.

Fast forward approximately 20 years and it is a completely different landscape. Mobile, like many other cities across the country, has benefitted from a new found interest in our urban centers. I have seen this fueled by the millennials but also embraced by many other demographics.

As I started to see this trend in Mobile, I began to ask prospects what was bringing them downtown. The answers were enlightening, including building aesthetics and construction that is hard to duplicate, the desire for "cool" spaces that are difficult to find outside of downtown, the ease of access to both Baldwin County and West Mobile (centrally located for hiring) and the interaction you find in a downtown environment walking to the bank, to lunch or drinks after work.

Downtown is a melting pot of all different types of people, which is one reason I am consistently drawn to it. You have residents next door to restaurants, down the street from shipping companies, banks, entrepreneurs, artists, etc.—all working together in a fairly small, tight knit geographic area. To me, this interaction is so valuable. I have heard it said that downtowns are the heartbeat of a city. I am so proud to be a part of the transformation of our downtown, which I am convinced will continue to strengthen Mobile as a whole.

Happy New Year! Can't wait to see what 2017 holds for your downtown.



West, West Mobile is Heating Up!

West, West Mobile is Heating Up!


The area of Mobile County from Snow Road to the Mississippi state line along Airport Blvd is showing all the indications of a strong growth phase in the next few years. It is following the typical real estate pattern of rural areas that experience high growth and development

Typical progression of events for growing suburban/rural areas are new schools, then new housing, professional offices and retail. Approximately 12 years ago, the Mobile County Public School System built or expanded four schools on Snow Road. Residential growth started immediately after that but was quickly snuffed out by the recession. Recently with the economy showing signs of recovery, residential development activity is starting again. There are currently three residential neighborhoods under construction and I know of two more that are planned.

Another factor that is contributing to growth is a few of the larger land owners are beginning to sell portions of their property. For many years a few land owners have owned most of the land in the area from Snow Road to the state line and now one of them is selling land in tracts of 20 to 100 acres.

There are signs of commercial growth as well. I have spoken to two investors that are planning office and retail projects and plan to have sites available for quick serve restaurants, offices and retail use.

As I talk to local business owners and customers they always ask when will we have more retail choices in the Snow Road area. I’m not sure of exactly when that will happen but for the first time I’m being contacted by national companies asking about the area. In the past, I was always contacting them, now they are contacting me. This is a good sign!