West, West Mobile is Heating Up!

West, West Mobile is Heating Up!


The area of Mobile County from Snow Road to the Mississippi state line along Airport Blvd is showing all the indications of a strong growth phase in the next few years. It is following the typical real estate pattern of rural areas that experience high growth and development

Typical progression of events for growing suburban/rural areas are new schools, then new housing, professional offices and retail. Approximately 12 years ago, the Mobile County Public School System built or expanded four schools on Snow Road. Residential growth started immediately after that but was quickly snuffed out by the recession. Recently with the economy showing signs of recovery, residential development activity is starting again. There are currently three residential neighborhoods under construction and I know of two more that are planned.

Another factor that is contributing to growth is a few of the larger land owners are beginning to sell portions of their property. For many years a few land owners have owned most of the land in the area from Snow Road to the state line and now one of them is selling land in tracts of 20 to 100 acres.

There are signs of commercial growth as well. I have spoken to two investors that are planning office and retail projects and plan to have sites available for quick serve restaurants, offices and retail use.

As I talk to local business owners and customers they always ask when will we have more retail choices in the Snow Road area. I’m not sure of exactly when that will happen but for the first time I’m being contacted by national companies asking about the area. In the past, I was always contacting them, now they are contacting me. This is a good sign!