At MCR, we attentively listen to your needs and leverage our years of expertise to develop creative solutions to meet them. Our client is always central to the process as we provide service that is responsive, efficient and cost-effective.


Commercial Real Estate: Office Space


For over 30 years, we have been assisting companies with key considerations including price, location, contract structure, financing, and the many other aspects of a real estate deal. MCR has an intimate knowledge of the local market and is uniquely qualified to assist you with these critical decisions.

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Commercial Real Estate: Industrial


With our extensive market knowledge and industrial experience, MCR is well equipped to assist your company in finding the right location to meet your industrial needs. By focusing on project specific requirements such as rail access, ground level and/or dock hi loading, eave height, zoning and interstate access, we can narrow your search and streamline the process for optimum success.

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Commercial Real Estate: Retail


Location, demographics, traffic counts and access are key components of a successful retail project. MCR is committed to relentlessly pursuing these objectives to achieve the highest possible success for our retail clients. 


Commercial Real Estate: Land Available


Whether its in your plans to sell, lease or develop land, our capable team can help you make these important decisions while listening to your feedback. MCR puts together a plan that takes your input into account and executes it in such a way that maximizes the benefit for you.

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Commercial Real Estate: Development


Having developed more than 30 projects, large and small, we have found that our team approach is the most effective method to handle the complexities of a development project. Finding the right site, performing the proper due diligence, and managing the development process are all key aspects of a successful development. 

Commercial Real Estate: Investment Services


MCR believes that successful real estate investment is in the details. Drawing from our own personal commercial investment and development experience coupled with the expertise gained from obtaining the Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation, MCR is uniquely qualified to advise our clients with a broad range of commercial real estate investment projects.  

Commercial Real Estate: Historic Redevelopment


To have a strong and vibrant city you must have a viable and thriving urban core. An integral part of revitalizing the urban core is the ability to breathe new life into neglected historic structures. This has been and will continue to be a passion at MCR. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing an historic structure restored in a way that will contribute to the fabric of the community for years to come.

Commercial Real Estate: Property Management


MCR strives to ensure the longevity and vitality of your commercial real estate investments by maximizing property values through effectively managing operating costs and increasing cash flows. We begin with the fundamentals of property management and then work to develop innovative solutions for your assets to maintain high levels of occupancy and tenant satisfaction.

Commercial Real Estate: Consulting Services


MCR develops customized solutions to achieve your real estate objectives. Starting with a clear understanding of your needs, we use our candid and strategic approach to guide you through the process, arriving at a superior outcome.